Christy & The Moon Tide Collective


Below are some heart projects that I am exploring across pluriverses of collectives and collaborators...

Feminist approaches to self-and collective defense

Christy is particularly interested in the body as a container of healing, creativity and knowledge. As a Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete, she is collaborating with women’s rights activists, body movement practitioners, digital security trainers and others to explore what a feminist approach to self-and collective defense could look like, for individual activists and for our movements. Up until now, this work has culminated in:

Feminist Collective

Christy is part of a global South monitoring and evaluation co nsultancy team that explor es feminist mechanisms for M&E processes. Evolving as a resistance to the reductive and exclusionary practices often applied to this line of work, we conduct research, assessments and evaluations grounded in a feminist ethics and methodology. We have worked with global and regional organisations such as the Count Me In! Consortium and continue to integrate our learnings into current and future projects.

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